Brock Vickers
Brock D. Vickers is a writer, actor, and athlete with more than a decade of experience in the entertainment industry both backstage and in front of the camera. In addition to working as an actor and writer, Brock has served as a marketing manager, a journalist, a ghostwriter for the self-help industry, and an on-camera host for various travel shows as well as a bartender and brand specialist for companies such as Glenlivet and Hendricks to Vital Proteins and Four Sigmatic. Every artist is an entrepreneur. From the stories they select and the narrative they craft to their branding and social media use, artists learn quickly the grit required not only to survive but thrive.

4 Ways Dressing Like James Bond Will Boost Your Confidence

We’ve all heard the phrase “Dress like the person you want to be,” or some variation of that maxim. When it comes to sophistication, preparation, and dedication, there is no better man to emulate than 007. Ian Fleming’s perennial persona, James Bond, is the quintessential


How to Drink Like James Bond

No Time to Die should be more aptly named No Time to Release as the James Bond franchise’s latest installment continues to push its release date back again and again. But who can blame them? After Christopher Nolan’s Tenet failed to bring fans back to


How to Make Several Popular Rum-Based Drinks

Han Solo season is about to be upon us. While summer may be coming to a close, and while grocery stores are stocking up on everything Pumpkin Spice, it does not mean the rum is gone. Island imbibing is always in season, and there’s no


This Is “The One” Drink To Order At A Bar

James Bond has perhaps the most famous order of all time (although he prefers bourbon in the novels). Hemingway has a daiquiri named after him. Every bartender in the world knew what Lemmy was ordering when he walked into the room. And yes, the Dude


8 Business Books Every Hustler Must Read

There is still no better learning tool than a book. Despite podcasts and video essays offering in-depth conversations about topics, the process of reading, thinking, and criticizing is still the greatest method of learning on this planet. Naturally, there are the usual suspects: Think and

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