Nicholas Bartlett
My Name is Nicholas Bartlett and I am a recent graduate of the Edward R Murrow School of Communications at Washington State University. I live in the greater Seattle area and I am an assistant coach for three basketball teams. I have always had a passion for sports ever since I was a little kid. I believe that sports are the great equalizer in life. Furthermore, I believe many life lessons can be taught through sports. Sports are bigger than the actual game, it is the comradery, passion, intensity, and togetherness that ignites my love for sports. Beyond sports I love to read and write, I consider myself a fringe-dweller in society and I usually look at things differently than other people (or as I like to call them spirits.)
Man lifting dumbbells

The Right Way To Workout, Period

Have you ever been to the gym and wondered what the hell you’re actually doing there? If you take the time to look around you’ll quickly realize that there are over 100 pieces of equipment in your average gym. This can be quite confusing and

Meditate and sport

The Best Athletes Do This One Thing

Sports are often associated with jock culture. It is commonly assumed that masculinity, dominance, and aggression are the winning formula in the sporting world. Even though physical strength does play a role in athletics it is not the be all, end all to success. There