Louis Mignone
Louis Mignone III is a student at Fairleigh Dickinson University in Madison, NJ. He is pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Finance while minoring in Data Science. He is the Business Editor of the school’s newspaper, and is an active member of the FDU Men’s Soccer team. Louis has always had a passion for writing, and values the opportunity to share his opinions and interpretations through his work.

A Wall Street Crash Course On The Top 5 IPOs Of 2021

2021 included 1,057 IPOs, more than double the amount seen during any other year in history. This unprecedented frequency of companies going public showcases the vibrancy of the market and excites investors. An initial public offering (IPO) gives investors an opportunity to be a part


Sell The Write Way! The Importance Of Rhetoric In Copywriting

The fact that anything is sellable stems from the fact that anything is advertisable. What is mostly overlooked in the field of entrepreneurship is the pivotal role that writing plays within every business venture. Copywriting involves the construction of text intentionally meant to persuade a