Leimamo Kanaeholo

Leimamo Kanaeholo

Editorial Staff
Leimamo is a writer who manages her own blog and website. She earned a bachelor’s degree in Literature and Writing Studies at California State University, San Marcos. She joined the Editorial team at GREY Journal and helps with the distribution of newsletters and writes weekly articles about business news, motivational tips & tricks, and other fun topics! As a passionate, driven, and growing writer, she hopes to use her love for writing and sharing stories as a journalist.

Did Trump Get Away With Tax Fraud?

This year has been one obstacle after another. From the start of the pandemic to killer hornets to the presidential election, the world around us has only proved to be more complicated and difficult than anything we have ever faced before. With the upcoming presidential


Why More Women Are Dropping Out Of The Workforce

Being a parent throughout our time in this pandemic has been tougher than I can even imagine. And while all of the children are transitioning into a period of change and online learning, parenting has gone to a whole new level of difficult. Stacey Vanek


Would You Eat Chicken That Was Grown In A Lab?

Have you been looking for a type of meat that does not involve harming an animal? Well, fly to Singapore because they just approved a lab-grown meat that is 100% non-harmful towards an animal and is real meat! Eat Just, a food production company just

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