Kaitlyn Miller
Currently, a senior working toward degrees in Journalism and Acting at Azusa Pacific University (a small school in SoCal), reading and telling stories has been something I’ve treasured since I was a kid (I was the girl who preferred reading Magic Treehouse over running around a playground if you catch my drift). I guess that explains where I am now: working as a freelance writer at Houstonia, a local magazine in Houston, Texas where I was born and raised, a student writer for my university’s student-run online blog and magazine, and now as an editorial intern hoping on to the GREY journal team. When I’m not typing away, I love reading an entire book in a single sitting (nothing has changed since the playground), listening to True Crime podcasts, or spending too much money on iced coffee.

How The Pandemic Promotes Toxic Productivity

Toxic Productivity Culture: A cultural trend defined as an obsession, or addiction, to being productive; results in one’s self-worth being measured by levels of productivity. Toxic productivity culture was on the rise far before the pandemic turned our lives upside down. Yet when COVID-19 led


Why I Want To Cancel Toxic Productivity Culture

A crippling fear of failure and a relentless desire to please sound familiar? We have our society to thank for that one. Before I start laying out a recovery plan for those suffering from toxic productivity culture like I was, I felt I needed to tell you


Why Toxic Productivity Culture Engulfed Entrepreneurs In 2020

Feel like you’re worthless if you’re not working 24/7? That you won’t succeed unless you’re hustling to the point of exhaustion? Spoiler alert: you’re probably a victim of toxic productivity culture. The cure? Keep reading. How Entrepreneurs Handled Productivity in 2020 Entrepreneur working late from bed