John Marcarian
John founded the Expatland Global Network, leading its growth to more than 30 cities around the world. An expat himself, John left Australia to establish his international tax practice in 2004, and soon realised how difficult it was to find trusted service providers in his new city. So the idea for Expatland was formed, and John has championed the cause of supporting expats all over the world by putting together the foundations of the current network of service providers. An expert in all the opportunities and challenges that face expats around the world, John literally wrote the book on the subject – Expatland.

5 Challenges Your Company Will Face When Doing Business Overseas

Building up your overseas business interests is more popular and prolific than ever before. Entering new markets means increasing your revenue potential, diversifying your talent, broadening your product scope, and improving brand recognition. The rapid change of competition also drives global integration as companies rapidly