James Deutsch
James Deutsch is a writer with a passion for fashion, interior décor and DIY projects. He writes about the art of decorating small spaces, styling fashion items, home maintenance projects, and that #vanlife aesthetic. His other hobbies include trotting the globe and advocating for the art of gift-giving.

Fun Ways to Decorate for a Birthday Party

Birthdays are like an all-access pass to the land of excitement, and let’s be real, no party is complete without some eye-catching decorations. So, why settle for basic balloons when there is unique and fun decor available that will leave guests in awe? Take it


Tips for Taking a Luxury Cruise With Kids

Planning a family vacation? At first blush, it might sound too daunting to take your kids on a luxury cruise — but as it happens, luxury cruises can be an ideal way to entertain the entire family with customizable options and plenty to keep you


Top 3 Ways to Sell on Amazon

You have a great e-commerce business idea and feel ready to kickstart it with Amazon, or you already have a thriving business but want to take it to Amazon – in any case, it’s good to know your options before you get started. Let’s go


5 Trends in E-Commerce Logistics You Should Be Aware Of

E-commerce would have grown at a bullish pace over the last decade even if the pandemic hadn’t accelerated the sector beyond all projections. It has led to a proliferation of platforms, brands, retailers, logistics providers, and a host of other businesses that support the industry.


Buying a Pet? Do These 6 Things First

Bringing a pet into your home can be an exciting milestone in your life. Whether you choose to bring in a cute puppy or an adorable kitten, there’s no doubt that they will become a close companion for your entire household. But, while welcoming a


5 Appliances that Optimize Outdoor Living

Outdoor living is quickly gaining popularity across the United States as people seek to deepen their connection with the natural world around them. In fact, architectural experts predict that outdoor living spaces are going to become a central component in people’s homes as we move


How to Plan a Trip to Hawaii on a Budget

Thinking about heading to Aloha State for your next vacation? We don’t blame you — Hawaii is peaceful, welcoming, and absolutely lovely. With many people going back to their yearly vacations after the worst of the pandemic, traveling to Hawaii is more popular than ever.


Design Ideas for Your New Home or Renovation Project

American homeowners are projected to spend more on home renovations over the next decade compared to previous years. Service providers are prepared to meet the increased demand for home improvement projects with new and exciting design ideas. Given how quickly trends in home design are


Top 7 Home Improvement Trends for 2023

A home remodel is an investment in the future if you choose a trend that will stand the test of time. Here are the 7 top trends for 2023 that will allow homeowners to make home improvements that have a big impact. Replace kitchen cabinet


A Guide to Choosing a Chef for Your Next Big Event

Private chefs are no longer just for celebrities- anyone can enjoy high-class dining right in their very own dining room these days. Whether you’re organizing an important event or having an anniversary dinner, you need everything to go smoothly and flawlessly. Hiring a personal chef


 12 Essential Jewelry Pieces

Building a jewelry collection is as important as the wardrobe in your closet. The right pieces add polish to any outfit and help you express your distinct personal style. Collecting jewels that complement your clothes doesn’t need to break the bank. Consider a mix of


The 10 Most Popular Types of Shoes for Men

There are so many different types of shoes for men on the market these days that it can be hard to keep track of them all. From sneakers to dress shoes, there is a style for every occasion. In this blog post, we will take


Fabulous Independent Designers to Explore

As global awareness of the challenges facing humanity in these times grows, independent designers are declaring their embrace of sustainable, timeless fashion and moving away from impulsive trends. The sustainable design recognizes that fast fashion requires a conscious response, rooted in quality that lasts. The