Imani Muhammad
Imani Muhammad is a Multimedia Communications major and rising Senior at Augustana College. She has been published in both poetry and journalistic settings and is dedicated to bringing truthful and captivating stories to her audience.

About: Atomic Soul

Catelayah Gordon, the owner and founder of ‘Atomic Soul,’ was born and raised in Englewood, California were wearing African regalia wasn’t popular but was always her style. Catelayah was mostly inspired by the stories of her great-grandfather, who was from Africa, and her grandmother, who


Fashion Culture: The 2022 Met Gala Explained

The first week of May was an extravagant, luxurious experience for popular and mainstream celebrities. The prestigious fashion event, The Met Ball, otherwise known as The Met Gala, took place. This year’s theme, Gilded Glamour, showcases the American Era of the Gilded Age (1870 –