Stan Aberdeen
I have worked as an independent writer for numerous clients, including startups, since 2009. My experience covers landing pages, SEO articles, business plans, funding proposals, SOPs and method development, lesson plans, and more. Not afraid to take on technical topics. I know that opportunity is hardly a straight road. Adapting, improving, and managing risk: it's the key to success in my own work, and the first thing I'd tell any reader. Peruse through and maybe, just maybe, you will find something that helps to catapult you to a level of freedom and success many dreams about but few achieve.

Startup Guide to Winning in a Recession

Understandably, few entrepreneurs are eager to think about recessions. Customers tighten their wallets, banks take a closer look at business loans that can catapult startup growth, and you get the feeling everyone’s hunkering down and waiting for it to be over, like a gloomy winter

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