Laura Henry
Laura Henry is a writer and editor with a passion for alternative health products and practices. When they're not outside with their rescue dog, they spend their time exploring local wellness/new age spaces and practicing yoga.

Warning Signs that You Need Nicotine Detox

Kicking nicotine from your day-to-day lifestyle can be difficult. Nicotine can be highly addictive and have some unpleasant side effects with continued use. You may be interested in taking a break from smoking or nicotine use or, perhaps, you’re expecting an upcoming test for work


How Sports Can Help Your Body, Mind, And Soul

Play. It’s good for the soul. Even if it’s just for fun, it can clear your mind; let go of all the stress that accumulated from a long day; and give you energy before your day begins. Sports is more than just exercise; it is


6 Reasons Why Your Supplements Should Be Organic

They say “you are what you eat” and this applies to everything one ingests. Especially when you’re consuming something to feel better, boost your immune system and overall health. Hence, when you’re looking for supplements and vitamins, your best bet is to opt for organic


How Are Cannabis and LGBTQ+ Reform Connected?

Although it may not seem like it on the surface, cannabis reform and LGBTQ+ rights have been intertwined for decades. Both movements have supported each other from their inception, and neither would exist today if not for the other. So why are these two movements


5 Things You Should Know About Ethnobotanicals

If you’re interested in natural remedies, then you should know about ethnobotanicals. Ethnobotanicals are plants that have long been used for traditional medicinal purposes by indigenous people across the globe. They can be used to help manage and treat a variety of illnesses and conditions,


How to Combat Stress in Your Busy Life

Everybody feels stressed sometimes. Especially for an entrepreneur, it seems a little stress can be the right push to chase after goals and try new approaches to problems. But when it comes to stress, how much is too much? According to the US Department of


Differentiating Yourself in the Cannabis Industry

Whether you’re a grower, dispensary operator, or even an ancillary business, the biggest challenge faced by all cannabis entrepreneurs is how to differentiate themselves. There are countless entrepreneurs entering the space simply because of their personal appreciation, but if you are going into business, you


A Guide to Starting a Cannabis Cultivation Business in 2022

The cannabis industry is rapidly expanding. The global cannabis market is expected to exceed $30 billion in the next several years, according to a recent report by New Frontier Data. There’s no question that there’s money to be made here. If you’re interested in grabbing