Globo Drew
I’m Globo Drew (Pen Name), Managing and Lifestyle Editor and a Contributing Writer for a Lifestyle Media startup, Globo Life Media; publisher of the soon-to-be-launched GloboLife.Net a Lifestyle and Business of Lifestyle publication. I am also a contributor to various publications including the Global Travel & Tourism video + print Storytelling publication Travelin’ Times EXTRA and the Social Cause Good News publication. I have consulted with Brands and Governments on matters of Global Tourism and Trade development. I sometimes participate in conferences and trade shows, as a Journalist, Subject Matter Expert, and Presenter.

The Long-Term Successful Future of Destination Tourism Marketing Must Include Authentic Community Tourism + Micro-Branding

Leisure travel and tourism both domestically and internationally have made a significant comeback, with many destinations posting near to exceeding pre-pandemic inbound tourism levels. Even business tourism is showing signs of resilient growth, pointing to a healthy future. However, today’s strategic tactical marketing plans must


The Future Of High Brand Powered Strategic Marketing Plans Are Be Delivered Digitally, With Social Cause Marketing Tactics For Authentic And Relevant Consumer Connectivity

In today’s hyper-competitive business environment, brands have to differentiate from the direct and indirect competitors for consumer and business consumption dollars. With a multitude of digital marketing platforms, tools and all the media options available in today’s marketplace marketing differentiation is easily attainable. However, with


The Entrepreneurs List Of Business Building Event

One of the biggest sources of resources available for entrepreneurs to learn about industrial, business, and product categories in which they are seeking to pursue or explore to progress their business ambitions are industry meetings, conferences, trade shows + roadshows.  At such events, you can