Emma Hempstead
Emma Hempstead is a graduating senior from Smith College in Massachusetts. She likes to write about literature, health, and cross-cultural connection. She is interested in how our rapidly globalizing world necessitates language, media, and storytelling as vehicles for communication and learning.

Why Social Distancing, Even From Your Doctor, Is The Future

The global pandemic has been, to say the least, all-encompassing. Few are the aspects of daily life that resemble normalcy, and much of the status quo has been abandoned (we won’t be enjoying summer camps or the Olympics this summer). That which remains has been


How Two Best Friends Are Revolutionizing The Culinary Capital Of The World

American expat Louisa Loring doesn’t exactly expect to break the cultural barrier between Italians and Americans with boxes of cake mix. But it can’t hurt to try, right? Like many 21-year-old students that study abroad, Loring returned to Smith College in Massachusetts after her year