Armen Varadian
Armen is the CEO of AMVCreative, a production company specializing in Video, Web and Graphic Design. He started the company in 2010 after six years in the ad agency world, with the entrepreneurial desire to build his own valuable client relationships under strong moral guidance. A passionate artist, writer, director, traveler and musician, Armen is also a former Division I collegiate soccer player and Olympic athlete in the winter sport of skeleton. This athletic “alter ego” has shaped his business today, valuing discipline, teamwork and desire to always achieve at the highest level.

Should I Pursue My Startup Dreams In The Middle Of A Pandemic?

When the world’s largest event, the 2020 Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo got canceled, you should have taken the hint that “business as usual” is just not going to cut it right now. Our businesses have all had to sidestep, endure, reinvent or even dissolve


The Realities of Being an Entrepreneur

The historical concept of entrepreneurship is simple; a trade is learned, then mastered, and eventually utilized to support a household. However, throw in modern capitalism, high margins, franchising, technology integration, marketing, overhead, employee benefits, and taxes, and it undoubtedly gets complicated. Today, we glorify the


Zoom Is Ahead Of The Video Conferencing Race, But For How Long?

With an estimated 300M daily users, Zoom currently reigns supreme over all remote conferencing platforms, and it’s not even close. How is that possible in a world where Google, Microsoft, and Facebook all have competing products on the market? Zoom’s Founder and CEO Eric Yuan


Eat Your Mussels—How Sea Farming May Solve Imminent Food Shortages

Six miles off the coast of Long Beach, CA you will encounter a series of unassuming buoys bobbing gently over 100 acres of seawater at the Catalina Sea Ranch. What these sea farming entrepreneurs are growing underneath may just solve a multitude of the world’s