Aisha K. Staggers
Aisha K. Staggers is a writer of culture, politics, music and Prince. She is the featured weekly guest on The Dr Vibe Show's "Staggers' State of Things," as a political analyst and social commentator. Aisha is the creator and co-host of the internationally syndicated "All Our Own Show," a weekly talk program for Generation X Women of Color. She is the creator of the "Soul Since '74" blog on Medium and will launch the syndicated blog and podcast series, "For Colored Girls," this spring.

Political Fashion: The Good, The Bad and the Messy

Remember Hillary’s pantsuits? Collage of Hillary Clinton in pantsuits. Photo courtesy of Medium. What about that time Ronald Reagan was noted as the worst dressed man in politics? Nancy Reagan (left) and Ronald Reagan (right) wearing denim jacket and jeans. Photo courtesy of Reagan Library.